Free Former #20

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Free Former Set #20   Comes with a standard floral former and 4 spokes.   You may also purchase an additional set of 4 spokes for a total of 8.    Blue and white shades shown here, is made with 4 spokes, and the orange shade shown here, is made with 8.

If you are using a round piece of glass you might try 3, 5 or 7 spokes also.   Both shade samples pictured here, were made with 11" x 11" bottom layer and 9" x 9" top layer, full fused.    They were draped 300 degrees per hour, to 1100, hold 10 AFAP to 1240 for 30 minutes.  You may need to adjust your schedule based on your glass size and thickness and your kiln.     By using the spokes, this mold enlarges the opening, making it easier to attach to a fixture.  

Maximum suggested size for this mold is  12" x 12" square or a 14" diameter circle

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