Free Former Mold Set #10

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Free Former Mold Set #10 Makes the bottom piece of a double glass lamp.    There are 2 different sizes of the center hub and they can be used with any combination of the spokes.  Use  the shorter wider hub with all 4 spokes,  with a 9"x 9" piece of 2 layer glass, and you'll get the a similar base to the blue and white one shown here.  This format gives a more uniform shape and allows a space for the cord to pass through.  

These are used with the following schedule in my skutt kiln.   250/hr to 1230 and hold 20 minutes,  You would need to adjust time and schedules based on thickness of glass, size of glass, and your kiln.  

Maximum suggested size is  8" x 8" up to 12" x 12".  

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