Free Former Set #30

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Free Former Set #30.  Includes a 4" diameter, 4-1/1" tall center Hub,  4  #3 short Spokes and 4  #4 tall spokes.

Using the Hub with 4 Short #3 spokes, makes the bottom base of the triple glass lamp.   This is done with 12" x 12" glass,

Using the Hub with 4 short and 4 tall,  makes the Middle section.     You may also purchase an additional set of either size spoke and change the design of the middle section.   Using all shorter spokes, gives a tighter drape inside,  using 8 tall spokes, opens up the inside diameter.   See photos.  

Finished good samples were all made with a 12" x 12" fused piece.  

Maximum suggested size is 12" x 12" or a 14" diameter circle

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