Free Former Set #31 GEN 2 with 8 #3 spokes and 8 #4 spokes

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Free Former Set #31 makes the outer shade for the larger table lamps and floor lamps.  Comes with 4" Center Hub and 8 Generation 2, curved #3 spokes and 8 Generation 2, Curved #4 spokes.   All Stainless steel.    It can be used with 4 #3 and 4 #4 or 8 #4.   If you'd like a drape a circle you can decide how many spokes to use.    If you'd like to make the bottom shade of a 3 piece glass lamp, use the center hub and 4 spokes of your choice.   

By using the 8 #4 you open up the lower section of the finished shade.   See the Pink/clear swirl sample photo.   If you alternate 4 of #3 with 4 of the #4,  your bottom section of the shade will be tighter.   See Black and clear swirl sample photo.    Some larger inner shades won't fit well into this version.    *Example:  12 x 12  2 layers full fused, will probably not drape tight enough to fit into this version.   Try 11 x 11 or only double layer on the inner 6 inches, or capped version on a textured single layer.   

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