Free Former GEN 1 Set #31 includes 8 short and 8 tall spokes

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Complete set with Standard Hub 3-7/8" diameter x 4-1/2" tall,    Standard Set 30  PLUS  additional set of 4 #3 short  spokes and additional set of 4 #4 Tall Spokes.   Much more versatility with design.

The blue photo sample shows the shape it makes with 4 #3's and 4  #4's,  This is 3 layers full fused,  12" x 12" 

The bottom shade of the Lt Green lamp is made with 8 #4's and it is a 12" x 12"  tack fused, textured piece. 

last blue sample piece is a base for a 3 piece glass lamp, and it was 12" x 12" and used 4 of the #3 Spokes.

Maximum suggested size is 15" x 15".     When using a round glass, you can chose any number of spokes.  

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