Free Style Wall Mounting Bracket

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Free Style Wall Mounting Bracket.  Made of 304 Stainless Steel.  Bracket includes adjustable slides with acorn nuts, to increase height.   Holds up to 13" tall by any width, plus just about any shape and thickness up to 1-1/4".    Includes hardware and anchors rated to hold 50 lbs.  but we suggest, if your glass is greater than 25 lbs, you use toggle bolts which are available at your local home improvement store.  Your piece can be as wide as you like, but we suggest having brackets at least every 8" of width, so glass wider than 24" should use two or more sets of brackets.  

Will work for the following types of glass

Rectangles 3" minimum height to 13" height

Squares 9" x 9" to 13" x 13"

Circles  10" diameter to 14" diameter

Square set at a diamond  9" x 9" to 14" x 14"

Tres glass made on a Tres mold with glass 11" x 11"  -  Brackets set at 5" apart

Curved Glass made on Ceramic mold    Glass made 9" tall x 9-1/2" wide   -  Brackets set at 5" apart

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