Nightlight Starter Kit #1

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Nightlight Starter Kit.   Includes 2 Floral Formers  FCM338 and FFM458,  1 Glass Bottom Base Mold, 1 30 mm drill bit for the base, 1 45mm drill Bit for the top section of the nightight and 6 Nightlight cords with 3 LED cool bulbs and 3 LED Warm Bulbs.

Both of the nightlights pictured were made with 7" x  7" piece of glass,  The pointed one was draped on the FFM458 and one with the curled points was made on the FCM338.    Both bottom bases were made using the GBM-6.  This will take up to a 6" x 6" square draped.   4-1/2" - 5" seems to work the best.   Just center on the mold using the dots to line up your glass.   Line up the 4 sides on the dots, so that the corners drape down to your shelf.  

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