PLIK - 100 Installer kit 52 pieces!

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Handy kit with common items needed for installation of most electronics. 
10) PL-1824 Posi-Lock red 18-24 Awg. splice
10) PL-1416 Posi-Lock blue 14-16 Awg.splice
4) PL-1012 Posi-Lock yellow 10-12 Awg. splice
10) PTA-2022R Posi-Lock red 20-22 Awg. tap
10) PTA-1618 Posi-Lock blue 14-16 Awg. tap
2) FF-1218 7.5 Posi-Lock black fuse-holder WITH 7.5 amp ATO fuses included!
2) FR-1218 Posi-Lock white round fuse-holder with 7.5 amp AGC fuses included!
1) Extra heavy polypropylene storage case with lift out trays and locking lid
1) Reorder guide
This handy kit contains the most common Posi-Lock installation items. Also works great as emergency repair kit for on-the-road repairs. The small size and strong locking lid insure everything stays in place until you need it.
Reorder guide makes reorder of items easy and accurate even if you use the last one.
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