PLTK-200 Posi-Lock tap kit 77 Pieces!

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Introducing the Posi-lock Posi-Tap kit.

Allows you to tap any wire from 24 gauge to 10 gauge quickly and easily.

With over 30 years install experience I can honestly say one of the most annoying (and challenging things) is tapping into existing circuit wires - auto, truck, bus, home and other - I have found the Posi-Tap to be the very best way to accomplish this tedious (and sometimes risky task. These taps can be installed - and better yet REMOVED - in seconds and used over and over again. No more hacking insulation on the right (hopefully) wire. Even those big honking 10 gauge wires can now be easily used to power devices - and the small ones are ideal for tapping those fragile little data circuit wires. 

Once you try these I know you'll agree - and truly would love your feedback on that.

For the handy man or professional this is the cover-all-instances kit you will wan tot have on hand. It's small size is great for tucking in tool kit/boxes, side compartments and so on.

20) Posi-Tap PTA-2426 Red/black 24-26 Awg, taps
20) Posi-Tap PTA-2022R Red/gray 20-22 Awg. taps
10) Posi-Lock PTA-2022M red 20-22 Awg. MINI taps (super small footprint)
6)   Posi-Lock PTA-1800M Black/red 18-24 Awg. taps
15) Posi-Lock PTA-1618 Blue 14-16 Awg. taps
6)   Posi-Lock PTA-1218 Gray/black 12-18 Awg. taps
6)   Posi-Lock PTA-1012 Yellow 10-12 Awg taps
1)   Super thick and strong polypropylene case
1)   Reorder guide

Reorder guide makes reorder of items easy and accurate even if you use the last one.

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