Signature Textured Double Shade Set

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Our Signature Series shades are available for order online in 16 stunning colors. Glass is colored throughout and transparent. . The lower portion of the shade is clear glass decorated with "frit" (crushed glass) of the same color as the cap. This provides additional color while allowing ample light to radiate to surrounding area. The Frit is fused to a "contour texture" which is nearly smooth creating a unique character in look and feel. 

Added possible features to this shade:  Clear edge:    Frit will be placed so that a 1" strip all around has no frit.  See caribbean blue                                                                                         sample shown above.

                                                               Chunky Version:   Frit is tack fused leaving a much sharper texturing 

                                                               Please contact us if you'd like either of these 2 options.  

All shades are handmade and while no two can ever be identical the shades are made to match in style and color - even if you order them weeks, months or even years apart! Our shades are much thicker than other "off the shelf" shades making them more durable as well as providing and added depth to the color. All shades undergo an annealing process which results in an extra strong and durable glass.

BULBS:  Bulbs are not included. All fixtures we supply use a standard E26 medium base bulb. All shades can be used with incandescent or Halogen bulbs up to 100 Watt or any intensity of LED or CFL type bulb. The type and intensity/wattage of the bulb will have dramatic impact on the effects of color, light dispersion, ambiance and so on. We generally recommend a bulb of 60 Watts/800 Lumens for most applications but you may want to experiment and find the one that best suits your taste once you have hung your lights.

Shade may be purchased separately or with fixtures.

TO ORDER SHADES ONLY (using your existing fixtures):

To purchase just a shade select your color/s and quantities. Shade will mount to any fixtures using the "Nord" ring (Retaining ring on threaded socket) mounting and which use the standard E27 medium base bulb. 

Our shades come standard with a 1 5/8" holeIf you are replacing shades and need a smaller hole - such as candelabra (E12) style bulbs - please let us know at time of order. Your best bet is to measure the hole diameter on the shade you are replacing.

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