The Hole Thing Drilling and centering device

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The Hole Thing, drilling and centering device, comes as a set with all parts and accessories for drilling glass shades for lighting.  Includes Diamond hole saws for 30mm  and 45 mm. The 30mm works with the clip light to hold C7 or C32 LED bulbs.  The 45mm works with all sockets for standard bulbs. 

The Hole Thing, automatically centers the hole saw in the shade.    The Hole Thing can be used in a 1/2" hand held drill or a drill press.   We recommend the drill press if you do a lot of shades.  

It comes with 2 additional adapters for 2-3/4" diameter and 4" diameter.  These are used with FC338 mold and Free Formers with 4" diameter center. 

Click the link below to watch a video on set up and drilling instructions for "The Hole Thing"   

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