Whimsy base with Optional Light kit

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4" diameter Whimsy base .     Cut your glass 4" x 6" or up to 7" x 7",    With Masking tape, tape off the bottom 3/4" on the center 4".  You may add frit or other glass elements above this area.    Bases available in brushed nickel or black or they can be spray painted and clear coated for color of your choice.  See Optional light kits with 7w Incandescent bulb or LED Bulbs.  May also be used with LED or candle tealights as pictured above.    No glueing or drilling required.  Made of 5052 aluminum.

Optional light kits Available       DRNLW  Nightlight kit with Warm LED C7 

                                                       DRNLC  Nightlight kit with Cool LED C7   

                                                       DRNLI  Nightlight kit with Incandescent C7

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